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Become a CCG Certified Consultant

Are you an individual who is extremely knowledgable on blockchain and crypto assets, yet has no backing to prove it? Join the CCG team where we are standardizing the curriculum for a crypto consultant. Our in-depth certification will allow you to wear the brand across your chest and earn up to $100/hour in your first 3 months of starting your own satellite branch.

This isn't one of those take our test and never see us again operations. At CCG we supply you with training modules, study material, and pre-tests so that you're assured you're up to the task. Upon passing of the test, we will begin strategic planning on how to best take over your region. Our roles are needed if this space is going to succeed. That's why we have put together this program to have representatives in every corner of the US, helping those who need the training and skills to navigate this space confidently.


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