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Bitcoin Meetup Recap 10.1.2017


Last Sunday, we had the pleasure of hosting the 3rd Bitcoin meetup at Diorio's on Baxters Avenue. The pizza restaurant held the welcoming atmosphere of the Highlands complete with the look of an Old Louisville home. This unique and casual combination helped us welcome bitcoiners, new and old, to a meetup that had two very interesting presenters.

The meeting began with our usual introductions. Much like the past meeting, a wide variety of experience was present in the room—from early adapters searching for the “next big thing” to late bloomers looking to get their feet wet. Soon after, meet up organizer and Bluegrass Crypto Senior Advisor, Tim Totten, guided us through the tools of the new Slack channel, #Cointucky. (Anyone looking for more details on the Slack Channel can email

The first presenter was VR pioneer and local entrepreneur, Andrew Prell. His project and discussion topic was Silica Nexus, a cross-platform, cross-reality virtual universe. This universe proves interesting because it is stored on the Ethereum blockchain and has a virtual economy made up of ERC-20 based NANOs that combine to make resource bots. These resource bots allow you to mine precious materials in the universe. These will also be tradable goods in the game and on digital currency exchanges, allowing for a fully interactive experience. Players will be able to play in this universe across all platforms in real-time and earn real-world value through these liquid NANOs. Indie developers will also be able to contribute worlds and assets to this universe, and be incentivized. This allows talented developers who can't get on board with high-budget gaming corporations to showcase their work on the biggest stage. Andrew explained that they will be having ICO launch parties in over 60 cities worldwide, on New Year's Eve—not a bad idea to bring in the New Year with an ICO. For more info on Andrew, the Silica Nexus project, and the ICO, click here. (Andrew is also one of our advisors and Bluegrass Crypto works as their Crypto Logic Team.)

The next presenter is University of Kentucky finance lecturer and former Wall Street employee, Shane Hadden. His project was Provide, a blockchain based lending platform that would solve some of the biggest problems that loans face. One being that borrowers have no privacy when filing for loans. They are promoted to give up personal information multiple times. These are also stored with companies like Equifax, who was recently hacked for 143 million accounts. The second problem was that lenders actually get little data on borrowers. Shane plans on using Provide to fix that with three solutions. He would first build a decentralized data furnishing platform on the Ethereum blockchain. Users would build a profile that is stored on the blockchain rather than centralized servers, like Equifax. Shane would then build the lending market. A central location that borrowers and lenders could come together. Finally he wishes to make the PVD token. This ERC-20 token will grant access to use the lending platform. There will only ever be 20 million, making them extremely finite compared to other tokens. Shane plans on having an ICO early next year.

After rounding up yet another successful meetup, our future as Cryptocurrency entrepreneurs seems even brighter. If you are interested in attending our next gathering and learning vital information on how you can expand into the world of crypto, visit our website!