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Enterprise Ethereum Alliance reveals 86 new members


On May 22, 2017, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) announced 86 new companies joining the blockchain technology partnership. The list of members include companies from various industries like the National Bank of Canada ING, Delloitte, and the Toyota Research Instsitute.

For those unfamiliar with the EEA, it is an alliance of companies dedicated to developing systems that run on the Ethereum blockchain. The list of tech giants and financial heavyweights are led by Microsoft, IBM, JP Morgan Chase, National Bank of Canada ING, BP, BBVA and many more. Collectively, these companies have joined forced to essentially enhance the ethereum network. By adding more security features, accesability, technology solutions, standards and practices, EEA has taken the first step in building on the 'new internet'.

Julio Faura, EEA chairman and head of blockchain R&D at Santander called the enthusiasm around EEA "remarkable".

"Our new members come from varying industries such as pharma, mobile, banking, automotive, management consulting, and hardware as well as the startup community driving innovation. It’s great to see everyone come together and build the next generation of our economy on Ethereum blockchain solutions.”

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance has an open invitation to join the consortium that will take the blockchain to the next level. You can learn more info about joining the alliance here

The addition of these members kickstarted a bullish run that drove the price of a single ETH 35% in one day, pushing the price to an all-time high of over $195. Not bad considering in February when the EEA launched, ETH was trading around $12. In addition to a sky-rocketing price, cryptocurrency has recently received some much needed spotlight in mainstream media as the total market cap has risen over 350% since March.

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