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Ethereum Creator Uses Blockchain to Disprove Death Rumors

Image courtesy of   Twitter

Image courtesy of Twitter

Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, used the technology he developed to prove rumors of his death were false.

The rumors began early Monday on the 4chan internet forum, with posts stating that Buterin died in a fatal car accident. News of the rumored crash moved through the media and could've added to a price decline that saw the price of ether (ETH) drop from $390 to less than $250.

Buterin used his twitter and his creation, Ethereum to prove that he was alive and well. From his personal twitter account, he posted an ethereum block number and corresponding hash..

Buterin posted the picture above with the caption, "Another day, another blockchain use case". Since he is the only person with access to his personal private key, he was able to use the Ethereum blockchain to prove a transaction from that address, therefore proving he had to be alive.