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Bitcoin Meet-up Recap


Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a Bitcoin Meet-Up in Louisville--the first in over a year.  Unsure of the overall interest in the area, nor the community who claimed knowledge in the field of cryptocurrency, I was equally eager and nervous.  

I came to find a quaint coffee shop quickly become bustling with more than 20 unique individuals from all walks of life.  In a society where race or appearances can often be a focal point, the Meet-Up was a testament to the limitless opportunities associated with this exciting technology.  The room hosted curious investors, stock brokers, developers, entrepreneurs, etc., but we quickly established a comfort with one another.  An informal atmosphere offered good drinks and great company, encouraging us to share a little about ourselves. 

Bitcoin/Blockchain enthusiast and the meeting coordinator, Tim Totten, was first to break the ice and fuel conversation.  Tim's story revealed that he was an early adopter of Bitcoin and has continued to expand his mass knowledge on the technology over the years.  Testimonies began to show that I was in the presence of numerous early adopters and entry points for attendees ranged from as little as $10 all the way to $4000.  After seeing how accepting all individuals were, I was excited to introduce Bluegrass Crypto and our mission.  My ideas were well received and the reception allowed me to network with some amazing businessmen.  

One gentleman who made a firm impression on me was Andrew Prell.  Prell is a 90's VR pioneer and now acts as CEO/Founder of Convergence of 4 Dimensions LLC.  Through drinks we discussed his newest project, Silica Nexus.  He elaborated on the idea of a cross-reality universe set in space, which engulfed the player in an intense first-person battle with a superior alien race.  As a gamer, I was intrigued to learn how Prell was able to incorporate cryptocurrency into yet another facet.

The Meet-Up was ultimately an incredible way to network and hear stories of how this fast-growing technology has impacted others' lives.

Because of what I was able to take away from this gathering, we at Bluegrass Crypto are aiming to organize Bitcoin Meet-Ups throughout the Kentuckiana area in the near future!