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What’s In A Block, Anyway? | An Introduction to Block Explorers

A blockchain explorer is simply a web or mobile app as we know it that directly interfaces with the data contained on a blockchain. That’s it in a nutshell. In fact, you’ve probably stumbled your way into one of the popular block explorers while surfing the crypto-web without really understand the depth of the tools at your disposal:

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How Blockchain Could Change The Real Estate Industry Forever

One industry in the crosshairs of a technological overhaul, is the real estate market. With a global valuation of over 200 trillion U.S. dollars, real estate far outweighs any other market in the world. Thousands of transactions occur each day, meaning billions of dollars are traded and an unimaginable amount of data is recorded, traded and stored on a multitude of different ledgers and databases. Real estate has many moving parts and, up to this point, required intermediaries of all sorts to properly transact and record this information in the safest and most reliable way.

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