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Amazon Coin: The Trillion Dollar ICO

After seeing the recent success of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) sector of crypto, a thought popped into my head, “When will tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Facebook utilize a token economy?” Think about it, instead of these tech-behemoths going in and out of volatile currencies, why not make their own and peg their products and services in that native currency?

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Stop Thinking Like an Economist When Looking at a Chart

Op-Ed: “After graduating college many moons ago, one thing I learned in the “real” world as a trader/analyst is… financial markets do not function the same way as economic markets do.  I found these markets driven by different motivating factors. Economic markets are measuring goods and services and the financial markets are measuring social mood.”

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The Mt. Gox Debacle

Mt Gox, a reoccurring nightmare for many early crypto investors, is back and dressed appropriately in a custom-fit bear costume. After five years, creditors will finally get paid what is “legally” owed to them, a sum of around 400 million USD (850,000 coins were taken in February and priced in April at $483/BTC). This news in and of itself, is good, right? Find out more in this op-ed by CCG editor.

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