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Amazon Coin: The Trillion Dollar ICO

After seeing the recent success of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) sector of crypto, a thought popped into my head, “When will tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Facebook utilize a token economy?” Think about it, instead of these tech-behemoths going in and out of volatile currencies, why not make their own and peg their products and services in that native currency?

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ICO Review:

A transactional workflow, CPROP’s platform allows total transparency for all parties involved in a real estate transaction. As mentioned before, the traditional process of communication is headed by the agent. All parties rely on the agent to be available and accurate with information. Using the CPROP platform, parties are able to communicate with others involved in the transaction and update information in real time.

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Off to the Races: The Four Cards Competing to be Crypto’s Top Payment Option

Each day, more and more people are realizing the value that blockchain technology brings. However, there’s still one pestering, albeit valid, argument against the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency – most stores don’t accept it. As a peer-to-peer currency, crypto is the best. But, what good is a currency if you can’t spend it anywhere? This is where digital currency visa's come in handy.

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