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An Introduction to Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is a powerful evaluation tool that can be utilized by any investor before making any investment decision. Whether you’re trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other coin, you should consider adding it to your investment strategy. Employed by investors to interpret momentum signals produced by the market, technical analysis assists traders in forecasting the price movements of an asset.

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Off to the Races: The Four Cards Competing to be Crypto’s Top Payment Option

Each day, more and more people are realizing the value that blockchain technology brings. However, there’s still one pestering, albeit valid, argument against the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency – most stores don’t accept it. As a peer-to-peer currency, crypto is the best. But, what good is a currency if you can’t spend it anywhere? This is where digital currency visa's come in handy.

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The Mt. Gox Debacle

Mt Gox, a reoccurring nightmare for many early crypto investors, is back and dressed appropriately in a custom-fit bear costume. After five years, creditors will finally get paid what is “legally” owed to them, a sum of around 400 million USD (850,000 coins were taken in February and priced in April at $483/BTC). This news in and of itself, is good, right? Find out more in this op-ed by CCG editor.

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Enrique Rodriquez Carries on Dad's Legacy of Service With Cryptocurrency Consulting Business

Rodriquez, 23 — the son of the late Jeffersonville City Councilman Josh Rodriquez — along with his business partner, Jacob Melin, teaches people about cryptocurrencies and what to do with them. Their company is Crypto Consulting Group, and through it, they host public workshops, private meet-ups and consulting sessions. Their clients learn — and maybe make some money at the same time.

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How Blockchain Could Change The Real Estate Industry Forever

One industry in the crosshairs of a technological overhaul, is the real estate market. With a global valuation of over 200 trillion U.S. dollars, real estate far outweighs any other market in the world. Thousands of transactions occur each day, meaning billions of dollars are traded and an unimaginable amount of data is recorded, traded and stored on a multitude of different ledgers and databases. Real estate has many moving parts and, up to this point, required intermediaries of all sorts to properly transact and record this information in the safest and most reliable way.

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