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Bluegrass Crypto Exchange

Image courtesy of  shutterstock

Image courtesy of shutterstock

Bluegrass Crypto Exchange

Now, when you want to buy cryptocurrency, you usually must go through digital currency exchanges. This process, from verifying your bank account to actually receiving your digital assets, can be anywhere from 2-4 weeks. In that time, price fluctuations can vary because of the high volatility involved. Rather than waiting all that time in the dark, unable to trade or manage your digital assets, we offer a way to purchase multiple cryptocurrencies instantly with cash or card. We are also willing buy your digital assets back if our funds allow it.

Benefits of using our exchange:

  • Instantly have access to your digital assets, rather than waiting anywhere from 2-4 weeks for verification processes involved with digital currency exchanges.
  • We set you up with the best possible wallet for that specific currency. This wallet will be connected directly to the blockchain meaning only you hold your private key, rather than a centralized exchange.
  • We provide a service which involves answering any question you have and walking you through information until you complete understand each aspect.
  • Customer service is faster and more intimate than large digital exchanges which can take months to respond to discrepancies.
  • Need some money fast? If our funds allow it, we'll even buy your digital assets from you.
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