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Business Solutions

Business and organizations looking for consulting on using a blockchain to improve efficiency, or have an initial crowd offering (ICO).


CCG is focused on helping the blockchain ecosystem succeed. Over the years, we have built experience being participants in: the use blockchains, participating in online communities, critiquing tokenomics and helping projects find investors in the space. We have combined our own experiences with the expertise of various contractors that can help us make your project a success or improve your businesses efficiency.

For businesses and organizations looking to improve efficiency, CCG can:

  1. Help you identify if your needs can be solved using distributed ledger technology (DLT)
  2. Hold an executive workshop for your leaders to understand the technology.
  3. Do product and market strategy research for you.
  4. White-label reports for your organization.
  5. Help you find your definite solution and help create a plan to take it to market.
  6. Pair you with blockchain developers that can create your enterprise solution.
  7. End-to-end product management.

For startups looking to raise fund using an ICO, CCG can:

  1. Token creation including: tokenomics, choosing a blockchain, finding developers and planning your ICO token distribution model.
  2. Community building on telegram, social media platforms and reddit, which is paramount to ICO success.
  3. Compliance and policy research on ICO concerning governing bodies.
  4. Networking and VC connections including event, panel and conference scheduling.
  5. General consulting including FAQs, security, white paper, understanding blockchain and more.

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