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The world of crypto assets moves fast. What is valid one day may be void the next. Blockchain technology is constantly evolving, and with it the market for innovations and businesses utilizing the tech. We know everyone can't keep up-- that's why we're here. CCG consultations are tailored to your experience level so that each individual can easily learn. Our professional and vetted Crypto Consultants will give you the tools and knowledge to easily navigate this dynamic space.

In an in-depth consultation, a certified expert will cover the following and more:

  • The most current information about Bitcoin, Ethereum, ICO's and Altcoins
  • Exchange setup and training
  • Mining information
  • Portfolio review
  • Wallet setup and review
  • Scam warnings and what to avoid
  • Professional insight
  • Tax information

*For those who are not local, CCG is now doing Video Consultations via Skype. For those interested, you will have an option for a Skype Consultation after scheduling. 

Interested in learning but unsure if you want to spend the money? Ask about our      FREE introductory consultations by calling us at 502-657-6017