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In the CCG Group Workshop, CCG team members will present the basic inner workings of emerging blockchain technology and the lucrative crypto market. Certified experts will work personally with each individual to ensure the understanding of the fundamental aspects of the crypto space, enough to intelligently invest. The Group Workshop includes all of the following services and more:

  • Professional presentation and hands on learning from CCG team members
  • In-depth Q&A
  • Demonstrations
  • Wallet setup and explanation
  • Food and drinks


Intro to Crypto: This course is ideal for crypto "newbies". The CCG team will go over all the basics of: Bitcoin, alt coins, blockchain and the emerging crypto market. This is the perfect introductory class for those looking to get their feet wet with crypto.     

(Duration: 1.5 hrs) (Price: $39.99)

Bitcoin 101: This course follows up on the tail of the Intro to Crypto course. Bitcoin 101 will dive deeper into bitcoin and the entire Crypto ecosystem. CCG team members will demonstrate how to make a crypto purchase and explain how to diversify on multiple exchanges. The workshop will also demonstrate the different wallet and exchange functions so that you have all the tools and knowledge to take the market head on.         

(Duration: 2 hrs) (Price: $49.99)

Bitcoin Master Class:  This course is our most advanced and goes deep into crypto investing strategies, security, trading, and a primer on technical analysis.

(Duration: 2.5 hrs)(Price: $99.99)


& for businesses and organizations...

The Enterprise Workshop

The CCG team will teach members of your company or organization about blockchain technology and how it can be used in different industries. A tailored presentation specific to your company's wants and needs will be designed and presented, accompanied with an open Q&A to allow for personal inquiries.

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