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CCG Investors Club

CCG Investors Club

Join a community of traders and market analysts in the CCG Trading Chat Room. Currently, we are mainly using our Kentucky specific channel. As we expand into other states we plan to engage with the communities being built around crypto to form other investor clubs across the nation. Members from outside the Bluegrass State can still join our national channel which brings a much more broad audience of CCG educated investors. Upon subscription you will receive all of the following:

  • Live market updates and alerts
  • Multiple eyes and perspectives on the market 
  • The opportunity to network and build relationships with other traders and crypto-enthusiasts
  • A professional environment where every voice is heard
  • Access to a team of expert analysts with a proven track record in the digital asset market
  • Slack app allows collective sharing on any platform and screen sharing capabilities
  • Over 200 members across a wide spectrum of industries

Current slack channels

  • #CCGinvestorsclubKY
  • #CCGevents
  • #CCGico
  • #CCGira
  • #CCGtaxes
  • #CCGmining
  • #CCGwallets-&-exchanges
  • #CCGnational
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CCG Investors Meetup

Our weekly meet up is an open forum where locals come together to discuss market trends, new investments, trading strategies, and more in an inclusive environment. This is where you can have full access to our team for analysis and insight on charts, ICOs, news, and new investments. This meet up is currently Louisville specific.