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About us



About us


Founded in May 2017, Crypto Consulting Group LLC is a Louisville-based startup striving to provide the on-ramp for the masses to cryptocurrency adoption. We believe these decentralized currencies, and the blockchain technology that powers them, will be the driving force that transitions us into the digital age. 

Crypto Consulting Group is a crypto think-tank that provides the most up-to-date informational resources, guidance and analysis around cryptocurrency investing. Our team of Industry experts brings clarity to the cryptocurrency world for open-minded individuals and organizations interested in putting their time and their money into the crypto space. CCG's aim is to grow educated crypto communities filled with enthusiasts determined to exchange information and engage in this new and exciting ecosystem. 

The most amazing part is that it all starts here in Louisville, KY. We believe that we can build the cryptocurrency hub of the Midwest, right here in Louisville. Welcome to CCG!



Our Team


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Enrique Rodriquez

CEO & Founder

Enrique started researching blockchain as a student at UofL in 2015. As a forward-thinking individual Enrique started applying the technology to his job specifically dealing with the supply chain at UPS World Port. Soon after, Enrique became obsessed with the technology, the community, and the philosophical views behind it. After navigating the space for years and hundreds of hours of research, he found that online education was fragmented and inconsistent with a major lack of trust and interaction. Enrique had always been entrepreneurial so in 2017 Founded Crypto Consulting Group LLC at 22 with a goal to effectively educate the digital investor. CCG provides think-tank knowledge and clarity to the digital currency world through individual and community education, engagement, and insight. 

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Skylar Cobb

Lead Analyst & Workshop Manager

Skylar is a Certified Bitcoin Professional who works with Crypto Consulting Group to help grow the Crypto Market and educate people on innovative blockchain technologies. He believes that the Crypto space is revolutionary and the emerging technologies will be vital to the advancement of markets- and society as a whole. Skylar studied business at Indiana University Southeast before pursuing a career in Real Estate, learning client management and customer relations in the process. In addition to being a consultant, Skylar hosts the  developing CCG Podcast, “The Crypto Current.”




Maximilian Ferarro

Marketing & Content Manager

Max found his start in Cryptocurrency two years ago when Ethereum was around $10.  Not knowing what he just got himself into, Max was surprised by the growth over a few months.  Looking to learn more about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, Max realized how hard it was for a new user to build a sound understanding. He, like so many others, found that online guides seemed to always do half the job, and one could never find all of their answers from a single source. He saw potential for Crypto Consulting Group to be that answer and helped build the infrastructure. Max ensures our content is acceptable for you, all while studying Marketing and Communications at the University of Louisville.


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Gabriel Rodriguez

Analyst & Consultant

Gabriel Rodriguez is a Certified Bitcoin Professional who strives with Crypto Consulting Group LLC to educate potential investors in the emerging and complicated Cryptocurrency space. After spending several years in Customer Service Management, Gabriel knows effective customer relations tools and problem solving strategies in the workplace. Gabriel has been an investor and avid observer in the intricate Crypto market  since early 2016. In addition to his extensive experience in the market, Gabriel handles all of the Spanish-speaking clients that CCG consults with.



Advisory Board


Tim Totten

Blockchain Advisor

Tim is an early bitcoin adopter and Louisville Bitcoin Meetup organizer. He has over 27 years of experience in the management of wireless technologies, wireless regulatory affairs, wireless systems architecture and related business functions at UPSBroad. Tim was Elected to top leadership positions in key industry organizations including the Enterprise Wireless Alliance (Chairman of the Board), Aviation Spectrum Resources (Board of Directors) and the Aeronautical Frequency Committee (Chairman). He is an expert in U.S. and international wireless regulatory strategy and compliance matters, specializing in aeronautical radio, land mobile radio and unlicensed wireless devices. Tim founded innovative UPS JetComm business unit, selling excess communications capacity and end-to-end services to other airlines. Tim is an original  bitcoiner and believes this technology can change the world. 



Brian Swan

Trading Advisor

Brian Swan is no stranger to technical analysis and the charting of stocks, commodities, and now cryptocurrencies.  Having spent almost 20 years as an analyst and a price risk manager, Brian has been working within the sphere of technical analysis, Elliott Wave analysis, and Fibonacci analysis.  He learned these types of behavior analysis tools trading cattle and grains futures for a top cattle broker for over 6 years, and for the past 13 years has used those skills as a Senior Commodity Analyst at Schneider Electric, a global energy consulting firm. Brian is certified as a Financial Technician with a CFTe designation through the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA).  He is a mentor and coach for anyone wanting to learn how to produce usable charts and how to use technical indicators as tools for trading, investing, and hedging. Brian is looking forward to being an advisor for Crypto Consulting Group and educating others within the new realm of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.



Patrick Bouldin, Esq.


Patrick holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Kentucky, and a Law Degree from the Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville, where he graduated near the top of his class. In his 24 years of practice, Patrick has handled more than 1000 cases in federal and state courts, including cases involving cryptocurrencies. Patrick has been named a Kentucky Super Lawyer, a Top Louisville Lawyer by Louisville Magazine, a member of Business First’s Forty Under 40, and has an AV Peer Review Rating with Martindale-Hubbell (top attorney rating for the nation’s preeminent attorney rating service). In addition to his law practice, Patrick runs two small local businesses.


John Pendergrass

Business Advisor

John brings a wealth of practical business experience to CCG.  After a two-decade career in commercial banking, he participated in the start up of two tech related businesses. In 2005, he returned to the banking industry when he, and his wife Mitzi, founded a new, full-service commercial bank in Louisville, Kentucky.  They raised $15 million in capital, organized and led a team of seasoned, career bankers and built an award-winning brand. Most recently, John spearheaded a special project for a multi-bank holding company in their turnaround effort. During this 5-year period, the bank generated a 10X return to shareholders.