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Our Story

Image courtesy of   Shutterstock

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Our Story

Our story begins with five college kids who decided to divert their attention to an emerging market. We began investing in cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, and for obvious reasons became intrigued. This incredibly foreign idea to us retained our attention for several reasons. The first thing we realized is that Ethereum is just the tip of the iceberg. We discovered that the hidden world of digital currency markets was full of investors and companies pouring cash into these various currencies by using them. The next question we asked ourselves, the question that both started and steered our journey forward, is how legitimate of a market is this? Could this market even go far enough to compete with the US Dollar? Our faith in these cryptocurrencies has justified our involvement, and is easily identifiable.

International Conglomerates such as Microsoft, IBM, and JP Morgan Chase have ratified this network as legitimate, and incorporated it into their own budgets. The most significant piece of information that can be highlighted from these giants involvement is the fact that this is not a temporary fad of any sort. This is a clear indicator of future ways of banking, and more importantly, a uniquely regulated market with an array of opportunities to make money. The stigma around Bitcoin and other digital currencies is now starting to fade with every major company's endorsement and application. What started off as one single market has blossomed into over 700 different legitimate currencies.

As you can see, the path we chose was decisive and timely. In the midst of a digital revolution, five college kids turned their tips and tax returns from uncle Sam's pocket into tens of thousands of dollars. The knowledge we gained from this improbable journey was a combination of research, time, and an advanced grasp of macroeconomic trends. We not only plan to keep involving ourselves in the crytocurrency market, but hope we can help you create a similar path to walk on. The evidence is clear, the digital revolution has begun. The question you have to ask yourself now, is which side of this digital divide do you think you should be on as we head forward in the modern era.