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Premium Membership


Launch Date: 3/19

Our Investors Club Premium Membership is the product of a year spent observing, listening, and experimenting. We've found that people all over have a hard time filtering through good and bad information online. They've been led to scams, pump and dumps, bad practices and more. With this Membership, we hope to eliminate misinformation and provide a place for investors to have reliable content, educational videos, instructional courses, and complete transparency to what our team is doing. With concrete results that include some of our calls up as much as 2,100%, authenticity speaks for itself. Take a look and see if the Investors Club is for you!

The Membership is composed of 8 Core Components:

  1. CCG Company Portfolio: Having a hard time figuring out which crypto assets to take seriously? When you join the club you will have access to our company portfolio and a database of information on those cryptos, and our recommended list of coins that didn't make the final portfolio.
  2. Buy/Sell Alerts: You will receive Buy/Sell alerts when we make moves in this portfolio via email, text, or private slack channel.
  3. Slack Upgrade: When you sign up for a Membership, you will automatically be upgraded to the premium Slack. It will serve as our primary communication tool. In our Slack you will have video and screen sharing capabilities, conference call access, and unlimited messages and apps. 
    • Channels: #Taxes, #ICOs, #Wallets-&-Exchanges, #Mining, #Charting, #Investors-Club, #Buy-Sell-Alerts
  4. Investor Meetup: Round-table discussion on market trends, new projects, ICO updates, charting sessions, and much more. Our weekly meetup seats will be reserved for members and recorded each week for members who can't make it, a $1,040 value! 
  5. CCG Report: Our weekly report consists of a news recap, BTC/USD price analysis, a Coin Spotlight with a price analysis, and other exclusive content.
  6. Education Archive: This is one of the key components the Membership. Our Education portal will consist of content we've found through years of digging through videos, lectures, books, articles, documentaries, and movies. We've compiled list of credible and effective resources for you to have access to. We also have created dozens of instructional videos and courses that you will have immediate access to.
  7. Discounted Services: That's right, when you're a member our services are discounted.
  8. Priority Support: This can be crucial when the crypto market is moving fast. Things can move extremely fast, but we do too. By having priority support to us through slack, you can always count on some help when things seem unclear.

*You'll receive a FREE consultation when you sign up for the annual membership

***CCG does not give financial advice, each component of our Membership is for educational and informational use.


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