Share Your Views on Cryptocurrency! Take the 2021 Bitrates Crypto Market Survey


It is that time of year again and we are happy to announce our Annual Cryptocurrency Market Survey. It has been an exceptional year for crypto and our editorial staff cannot wait to hear what you think.  

Share your thoughts. 

The survey takes just a few seconds, your answers are completely anonymous, and once you have submitted your thoughts you will get full access to the full range of our readers’ opinions. 

2021 has been the biggest year in crypto history. We want to understand what’s driving this latest Bitcoin-led explosion by asking our thousands of daily readers their views on the cryptocurrency market today. 

When the survey is complete look for expert analysis from our editorial staff. We will team up to create the most comprehensive report on views in the cryptocurrency community in 2021. 

Remember it only works if you participate and share your views. Do not forget to spread the word to your crypto-loving friends. 


When the survey is complete, we will publish the full results with our analysis here on Bitrates. Our editorial team will also conduct interviews with a few select readers to get a better understanding of your views. 

If you are interested in participating in our interviews, please email!

A sincere thank you from all of us at Bitrates,

Editorial Team.


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